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Andrew Kozloski
2711 rue Holt : Apt. 3 : Montréal, Québec H1Y 1P3 : 438.822.6645 : :

Creative Lead and Producer (intern), Unity 3d project, Funcom: June 2012 – present
– Develop the logic for randomly generated game levels
– Develop an original 4-person inventory system in 3d gamespace rather than using a traditional UI
– Lead the team in the development of 4 multiplayer classes with overlapping skillsets for maximum emergent gameplay
– Create 3d models and particle effects to offset the lack of artists in our group
– Risk assessment, determination of scope, deliverables, milestones, schedules

Designer, Tech Writer, La Société des Arts Technologiques: February 2012 – present
– Design, programming of permanent 3d installation for the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Montreal, using SPIN, a 3d engine developed by the SAT
– Technical documentation for open source 3d networked audio-video engines
– Commenting code in C, creating class references in html format using Doxygen
– Writing tutorials and managing the Redmine wiki with textile formatting
– French-English technical translation

Audio Editor and MS Technical Compliance, Babel Media: March 2010 – July 2011
– Personally managed the version control for several million audio samples
– Edited audio sessions, divided them into samples, performed noise reduction and other postproduction
– Experience on over 30 titles on all platforms and for most major companies

Game Designer, Writer, Project Manager, MindHabits: 2007 – 2011
– Designed levels for all 4 MindHabits PC games, produced music for prototype versions
– Project manager for all localization and QA projects. Oversaw the localization of MindHabits into seven languages. Integration of new language content into game code.
– Wrote correspondence, instruction manual, promotional materials and monthly newsletter

Technical Competencies: Game Design, Level Design, System Design, Scripting
Game Engines: Source, Unity3d, Galaxy (Starcraft 2), Blender
Scripting: C#, Javascript, git and Tortoise SVNs
Design Tools: 3ds Max, ACID, Reason, Sound Forge
QA: Microsoft Technical Compliance (TCR), English localization, Spira, Jira, Bugzilla, TTP, Bugtracker, Devtrack, Redmine
Other Software: Windows, Mac and Ubuntu OSs, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, FTP clients, various CMSs, LANForge, APIMon, NetMon, Eclipse, Notepad++, Monodevelop

– Graduate Degree (D.É.S.S.) in video game design, U of Montreal
– Significant work towards an MA in Theoretical Linguistics (GPA: 3.93), U of Pittsburgh
– BA in Creative Writing, Magna cum Laude (GPA of 3.55), U of Pittsburgh

Languages: English, French, German


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