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Urban Decay is an original level set in the world of Left 4 Dead 2. The Survivors must fight their way through the streets of the city, the ruins of apartment buildings. a dark sewer system and a chaotic pile-up of cars in an underground parking lot.

I designed the environment, the scenario, the geomety and lighting, and chose the accessories and textures from the game’s existing library of assets. I tried as best as possible to create and environment that was completely plausible and coherent while still being varied.

Please click here to download the .bsp and the nav. files. You must own Left 4 Dead 2 to be able to play.



Dirge Ravine is a narrow 1v1 Starcraft 2 map in the deserted valley site of a ruined terran colony. It is a field cramped in on both sides with mountainous passes where players can hide while constructing their bases. One exit is blocked by a destructible rockslide and the other holds a natural expansion and a Xel’Naga Tower (which provides vision of a large area of the map).

Please click here to download the file. You must possess Starcraft II to play.

Starcraft II maps don’t really lend themselves well to screenshots. Nonetheless, here are a few.



Contre ça!

Contrecarrer (French: to oppose) is a serious game in support of the student movement in Quebec, which is currently seeking to prevent the government from doubling school fees over a period of only five years. It highlights the hypocrisy and ruthlessness of the government in pursuing this goal by placing the player directly in the shoes of the government officials who are trying to prevent the students from peacefully demonstrating against this plan. The game is a “tower defense” where an endless stream of students are marching to Parliament. To prevent them, the player must “use public funds to crush the will of the public” by deploying police with tear gas and nightsticks, judiciously-produced TV appearances and the various propaganda organs of the mainstream media.

I was the lead designer and decided on a Monty Python-inspired art style (though I did not personally make any of the art). I was also the lead scripter, using C# in the Unity 3d engine. The game was made in two weeks (in order to publish while the topic is still relevant) and is currently playable in web format here (sorry, only in French currently but should be bilingual by this weekend).

It comes along with a web site including additional facts and information about the political situation. The site and the game really go together, as the game is intended as a political message first and a game second. Speaking of which, due to the time constraints and the fact that I was the only person on the team who could do any scripting, I was not able to properly do any balancing of the game at all. I will write a criticism of the game on a gameplay level in the near future and link to it from here.





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