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A little image I created over at ObamiconMe.


MindHabits is a series of games based on the psychology research of Dr. Mark Baldwin from McGill University. The games are adaptations of his experiments, which show that social anxiety and stress can be reduced by training the mind to pay less heed to negative input and actively search for positive input. The games have been translated into various languages, are sold internationally, and been written about in numerous publications from The National Review of Medicine and New Scientist to ABC News and NPR. Last year it was listed by Branham 300 as in the top 25 Up and Coming Canadian IT firms.

Finally, it was voted Best New Videogame of 2007 in the Great Canadian Videogame Competition.

I created music for the prototype versions of this game, wrote the instruction manual, official newsletters and some promotional materials, and made 100 of the 200 levels, 25 for each of the 4 games that come packaged with it. I also managed the localization projects for the German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish, and Hungarian versions.