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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Dirge Ravine is a tight 1v1 melee map for Starcraft II set in a desert valley, the site of a ruined Terran colony. It contains an open battlefield flanked by mountainous passes where players can hole up while they build, with vantage points overlooking the center from each side and a hidden and obstructed back door that must be guarded to prevent ambushes.

You must own Starcraft II to play this map. Find the file over in my Portfolio.

With the tight viewport that is permitted in-game, Starcraft II does not lend itself well to screenshot-taking, but here are a few nonetheless.


I never claimed to be any good at video editing, but the more I work on level design the more I’m struck by how badly screenshots fail to convey what it actually looks like walking around in a level I’ve made. Videos are still a far cry from the feel of walking around in there for real, but offer a much better look at the “feel” of the work than screenshots can. I’ve paired this short clip with some music I’d like to publish maybe later this year.

Oh yeah, I’ve finally gotten around to putting my résumé up here where it belongs. Available in the poorly formatted beauty of my WordPress page or as .doc or .pdf.

Here are a few last screenshots from the city level I’ve been working on, as well as a new Portfolio section complete with the .bsp and .nav files to play this map, which is still in progress from an aesthetic perspective but finished from a functional perspective.

Above is an aerial view of the broken pavement with exposed sewer pipes below the street. It is not possible to look at it like this in-game without cheat codes, but one screenshot cannot capture the look of this section faithfully either, so I did this.

A quiet little park between buildings, with a pool and water lilies. The perfect spot to be devoured by reanimated corpses.

A pile-up of buses and trucks, complete with smashed telephone pole action.