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Here is a rash of new images from the Left 4 Dead level I’m working on. I’ve been doing a pretty poor job of documenting this process regularly and I’m going to start making much more regular updates.

The texturing is nearly complete across all portions of the entire map and a good deal of props and details are being put in all over. I’d say the entire thing is about 25% done.

Many of the areas still look somewhat antiseptic. Too much is at right angles and the spaces do not look “lived-in”. Over the following weeks I’ll be fitting in more props, decals, overlays, and doing adjustments to the placement of all of those things. This is intended as a snapshot of the current state of things.

The first image above is the updated apartment building to be compared to the single screenshot I have from the previous post.

Here are a few more shots of the same general area, looking in different directions.

A shot from inside one of the apartments. This is still at an early stage and is mostly included to be compared against future versions.

Behind the apartment building. As you can see, there’s some weird error causing the eaves to be lit unnaturally. It is affecting a single portion of the eaves on the front of the house too and I can’t figure out what it is at the moment.

A typical rush hour scene at your local parking garage, in the pitch dark, because zombies are killing everybody and that somehow made all the power go out.

Inside an upscale clothing boutique, somehow unscathed by the zombie apocalypse. This will be the scene of a panic event when our intrepid heroes set off the as yet untripped alarm on the front door.

Two shots from inside the dépanneur (corner store) where our heroes begin.

Comments appreciated.


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