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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Projet Aïma was the final student project for Ubisoft’s internal school in 2008. I was called in as Music Lead to create original music for the video game, to help create the feel of a fully professional development cycle. (The school also created packaging materials, full game design documentation, recorded audio dialogue and cutscenes to this end). I created the majority of the music for the game, although I had some help from Wisp who has since signed to Rephlex Records. I actually ended up using a great track of his as the title track for the project.

I worked side by side with the future level designers to place the sounds physically in-game with the Valve Hammer Editor, the engine used in the Half Life and Left 4 Dead series of video games, among others.

We did a few interesting things that pushed the music integration of what is normally seen in Hammer games, usually employing small and simple tricks. They were not conceptually difficult but simply had not been done before that I’m aware of: 1) we had musical tracks that unfolded in sync with your progression through the level, and 2) we made some inside/outside spaces where it sounded like the music was coming from the void and when you entered into buildings the music sounded muffled as if it was still coming from outside.

Theme from Aïma – VORPAL

Video(s) coming