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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Paul Warne standing within his 3d creation

The Chamber of Hollowfields is an amazing and physically immersive 3d projection shot in a room across many layers of cheesecloth, each piece of fabric acting a screen for the images yet also allowing the image to pass through and be magnified on each subsequent screen. This creates the impression of looking at something in three dimensions, and it is even possible to walk into it and stand between layers of the projection. Designed by Paul Warne, it has been shown in the US and Canada for several years now in various incarnations since 2001; It has won at least one award that I’m aware of and it was part of a larger exposition he curated called The Luminarium, which was a feature of Pop Montréal in 2008. I contributed a good deal of the audio to this particular incarnation, though I do believe it has changed and expanded since then too.

I’m including a video, but it doesn’t really it do it justice.